29/12/2022 Evening Reports

As the Year Approaches the End, the Market Remains Calm...

Turkish Economy Confidence Index, which was announced in the morning hours, increased by 0.70 points to 97.60. Taking a look at the latest data for the year, U.S. Unemployment Claims came in at 225,000 this week, versus 216,000 last week.

The US Dollar stumbled during the day as the risk mood in global markets improved. There is also a palpable reaction in the US futures stock indexes. The US 10-year bond side fell slightly.

The Bank of Japan announced today that it has made two unscheduled bond purchases as part of its yield curve control program. The BOJ sometimes calls unscheduled purchases “emergency” purchases. Despite the fact that the 10-year Japanese government bond has been increased to the 0.5% band in the past weeks, the BOJ is forced to continue buying bonds.

The BOJ’s exposure of this “weakness” to the market led to speculation that the market wanted more. The 10-year Japanese government bond yield is currently at 0.46%.

Tomorrow’s Data:

  • 10.00 | Turkey – Trade Balance
  • 17.45 | USA – Chicago PMI Index
  • 21.00 | USA – Baker Hughes Number of Drills
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    Support Level: 80.40 – 78.50 – 75.60 Resistance Level: 83.40 – 86.00 – 89.70


    BRENT The Decline Continued Throughout the Week…

    While continuing the profit sales at the beginning of the week, it retreated towards the 81 region. Here, 80.40 support is an important factor and if it manages to stay above it, it can try again step by step to 86 and above. If the reactions continue, we can expect a trend towards the downtrend line from 125.20. If it goes above this trend line, we can start talking about 100 levels again in the new year.

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    CDO has wide range of tools, professional and friendly support for clients to achieve their financial markets trading goals. Open a live account now to enjoy this experience with virtual deposit.

    Support Level: 1805 – 1784 – 1773 Resistance Level: 1822 – 1835 – 1855


    XAUUSD Mild Reaction From 1805 Line

    Today, a slight decline in the US 10-year bond rates has relieved the Ounce Gold side a little bit and it is rising over the 1805 support. Here we will be watching the 1822 level as a resistance line. A possible daily candle close above this level may strengthen the positive transactions step by step.

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    Support Level: 133.00 – 132.80 – 132.50 Resistance Level: 133.20 – 133.60 – 134.50


    USDJPY – Dollar Weakness Helped Yen Today…

    The USDJPY pair is pulling back as part of the Dollar sell-off and the pair has retreated from 134.50 to the 133.00 level since midnight last night. Along with this move, the Fibo 38.2 of the 130.55/134.50 response has been corrected. In the continuation of the possible declines, if it continues to stay below 133.60, it may incur step-by-step Fibo 50 and Fibo 61.8 corrections. As long as we stay below 133.60, we will follow this situation in the short term.

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    Support Level: 1.0625 – 1.0585 – 1.0515 Resistance Level: 1.0660 – 1.0730 – 1.0840


    EURUSD An Experiment on 1.0660 Line

    The pair reacted today with the impact of not getting close to the 1.0585 support and there is an attempt to hold above 1.0660. We will watch possible four-hour candle closes above and below the level it has been below since December 16. If a hold is observed here, the 1.0730 level may come to the fore step by step.

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