about the company

Who We Are

CDO Markets Limited was founded by experts from the brokerage, banking, and fintech industries to provide retail users with the same level of service and liquidity as professionals. As CDO Markets Limited, we give every trader the ability to control their trading tactics and market expectations.

Why CDO Markets

With our high-performance online trading systems, wide range of product and thanks to our low commissions and narrow spreads, you can enjoy your trading experience.

With our backoffice solutions and dedicated customer service, we make your trading more convenient and minimize your risk.

WHY CDO Markets

Our Main Focus

We believe that every market participant deserves equal opportunities when it comes to trading markets, and at CDO Markets, we have achieved this goal with our expert staff in Information Technologies and Financial Modeling. As a result, we broke new ground in global capital markets with our financial technology know-how.

Our team has promised to provide equality, transparency, and efficiency. We are experienced traders who appreciate the importance of a trader’s needs to concentrate on the market. That is why we provide a seamless trading experience to our customers. This has been our objective since we started, and we are proud to provide unsurpassed service to our consumers in every way. In every deal, we demonstrate clarity, and we urge you to experience the difference.