23/09/2022 Evening Reports

US Dollar Sets to Close Week at New 20-Year High… All assets were literally crushed under the strength of the US Dollar on the last trading day of the week. The mode of buy US dollars and sell other assets was dominant in the market. Stock Exchange Global Stock indices, important major units, commodities such […]

22/09/2022 Evening Reports

Putin Rocks Markets Before Fed, Dollar Index Hits 20 Years… On the fourth trading day of the week, there is almost a Central Banks parade. While the effects of the Fed meeting last night continued, decisions from other major Central Banks increased volatility. Global markets started early in the morning with the interest rate decision […]

21/09/2022 Evening Reports

Putin Rocks Markets Before Fed, Dollar Index Hits 20 Years… The US Dollar Index jumped to a new two-year high after Russian President Vladimir Putin shook the markets ahead of a possible rate hike by the US Federal Reserve. When ordering Russia’s first mobilization since World War II, Putin claimed that the West’s aim was […]

20/09/2022 Evening Reports

Producer Inflation In Germany Rises To A Record Level… Producer inflation in Germany, the largest economy in the Euro Zone, increased above expectations in August. We can say that the 20.4% increase in energy prices is the main factor of the high inflation. The biggest producer price increase since 1949, when the data started to […]

19/09/2022 Evening Reports

US Bond Rates Rise Before Fed…. Fears about the global recession and geopolitical tensions affect the market on the first trading day of the critical week, when the interest rate decisions of major central banks, especially the Fed, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan will be followed. Over the weekend, US President […]