02/06/2023 Evening Reports

Non-Farm Employment Increases More Than Expected in the USA… *European Central Bank (ECB) Member Panetta said in his speech today that they have to act very quickly in raising interest rates and curb spending without adversely affecting their economic efficiency. Another ECB Member, Vasle, said the population remains high and persistent and further rate hikes […]

01/06/2023 Evening Reports

ECB Member Kazaks “Interest Rates Will Remain Peak For A Time” *The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May, announced today in the Euro Zone, remained unchanged at 0.0% on a monthly basis, but decreased from 7.0% to 6.1% on an annual basis. Core CPI, on the other hand, rose 0.2% month-on-month, rising […]

31/05/2023 Evening Reports

Discussions on Debt Limit in the USA Continue… *In the Euro Area, the Consumer Price Index announced for April increased by 0.6% on a monthly basis and by 7.0% on an annual basis. Data was expected to increase 0.6% monthly and 7.0% annually. Core CPI, on the other hand, came in as expected, increasing 1.0% […]

30/05/2023 Evening Reports

ECB/Simkus “Expecting 25 bps rate hike” *In the Euro Area, Consumer Confidence Index for May, announced today, was -17.4, Industrial Confidence Index was -5.2 and Consumer Inflation Expectation was 12.2. The data came in at -17.5, -2.8 and 15.0 levels, respectively, in April. After the data, European Central Bank (ECB) Member Simkus said in his […]

29/05/2023 Evening Reports

President Biden is ready to take the deal to Congress… *US President Biden stated that the budget deal he will receive on Sunday, which received the 31.4 million issuance debt ceiling until January 1, 2025, after negotiations with the Speaker of the House of Representatives McCarthy, has been finalized and that the agreement is ready […]

26/05/2023 Evening Reports

US President Biden “Progress Made in Debt Talks” *Retail Sales in the UK for April, announced today, increased 0.5% month on month, decreased 3.0% year on year. The data was expected to come in at 0.3% and -2.8%, respectively. Core Retail Sales, on the other hand, increased 0.8% month on month and decreased 2.6% year-on-year. […]

25/05/2023 Evening Reports

Strong US Data Triggers Hawk Tone in Market… *The first quarter GDP in the USA, which we are watching today, grew by 1.3%, exceeding the expectations. The economy was expected to grow by 1.1%. Weekly Unemployment Pension Applications, another important data announced at the same time, increased less than expected and came in at the […]

24/05/2023 Evening Reports

FOMC Meeting Minutes to be Announced… *In the UK, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for April, which was announced today, exceeded the expectations and increased by 1.2% monthly and 8.7% annually. Data were expected to increase by 0.8% and 8.2%, respectively. The previous data showed an increase of 0.8% monthly and 10.1% annually. Core CPI, […]

23/05/2023 Evening Reports

Debt Ceiling Talks in the USA Start Again Today… *In the Euro Area, the Manufacturing PMI for May, which was announced today, decreased from 45.8 to 44.6, and the Services PMI from 56.2 to 55.9. The data was expected to come at 46 and 55.6 levels, respectively. The PMI data we follow on the UK […]

22/05/2023 Evening Reports

Fed Bullard ‘Can Raise Rates Another 50 Bp’ * Minneapolis Fed Chairman Kashkari said today on the interest rate hike process, that there is a desire to increase interest rates or close to a pause at the June meeting, that they should protect the economy from debt default and that they are likely to go […]