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We all think about forex trading from time to time, but sometimes we avoid forex trading because we don’t fully understand the complicated terms and background processes. On the other hand, we may have been trading for a while but may want to know more.

As CDO Markets Limited, we have thought about this problem of traders and trader candidates and we offer you our comprehensive learning page where your questions about forex trading are presented with examples!

Thanks to sample questions with answers, you can test your forex knowledge and learn what kind of logic is behind Forex trading while you are trading. By opening a demo account, you can practice your knowledge and take more informed steps in your trading experience.

So which topics are covered on our Learning page?
• What is Forex?
• What is Market?
• Factors affecting Forex, common mistakes and a lot of other things about Forex!
• What are the order types?
• What is Margin Account?
• How to calculate Profit and Loss?
• What is Margin and How is it Calculated?
• What is Margin Call?
• What is Free Margin?
• What is Margin Level?
• What is Equity?

By improving your Forex know-how with the Learning Page, you can add profit to your trades in your CDO Markets Live account.
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Join CDO Markets and enjoy trading forex with ease!