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Martin Luther King Day Time Changes (GMT +2)

Dear Valued Investor,

Due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, trading schedule for some of the instruments will change in January 16th.

Also, please be advised that due to low liquidity, the spreads could be wider than regular trading hours. Please note that this calendar is for reference only and change in market liquidity conditions may lead to earlier closing times on some products. Times and dates are subject to change without prior notice. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

InstrumentSymbol13.01.2023 Friday16.01.2023 Monday17.01.2023 Tuesday
MINI DOWDMNormal Hours01:00 - 19:58Normal Hours
MINI NASDAQNQNormal Hours01:00 - 19:58Normal Hours
MINI SPESNormal Hours01:00 - 19:58Normal Hours
NikkeiJP225Normal Hours01:00 - 19:58Normal Hours
Crude OilCLNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Natural GasNGNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
 CopperHGNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
PaladyumPANormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
PlatinumPLNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
GOLDGCNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
SILVERSINormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
CornC#Normal HoursClosedNormal Hours
SoybeanS#Normal HoursClosedNormal Hours
WheatW#Normal HoursClosedNormal Hours
CottonCTNormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
CocoaCCNormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
CoffeeKCNormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
SugarSBNormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
Soybean OilBONormal HoursClosedNormal Hours
US T-BondUSNormal Hours01:00 - 19:58Normal Hours
Spot GoldXAUUSDNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Spot SilverXAGUSDNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Platinum/USDXPTUSDNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Palladium/USDXPDUSDNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Gold Gram/TLGAUTRYNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
Gold Gram/USDGAUUSDNormal Hours01:00 - 21:28Normal Hours
USA 30 IndexUS30Normal Hours01:05 - 19:53Normal Hours
S&P 500 IndexSPX500Normal Hours01:05 - 19:53Normal Hours
NASDAQ 100 IndexNAS100Normal Hours01:05 - 19:53Normal Hours
Crude Oil (Brent)UKOILNormal Hours03:05 - 21:08Normal Hours
Crude Oil (WTI)USOILNormal Hours01:05 - 19:23Normal Hours
Japan 225 IndexJPY225Normal Hours01:05 - 19:53Normal Hours
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